AG Public Anthropology

Call for contributions.

We are looking for anthropologically informed, evocative storytelling from the diverse fields of work we do (public engagement/ teaching/ research/ writing/ illustrating/ filmmaking among others)

and/or precise argumentation with illustrative examples related to a topic of public/political interest.

We follow a transparent review process. No blinding of author or reviewer information is involved.

Submit a text and/or audio/visual contribution to:

Nasima Selim ; Judith Albrecht ; Jasmin Mahazi

Read more about the guidelines here.

The Working Group Public Anthropology of the German Anthropological Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie) stands for a sociopolitically engaged anthropology committed to the usage of various communication media, including those close to everyday life. The aim is to increase the visibility of anthropology in public discourse and utilize the potential of direct forms of interaction with non-scientific public spheres towards integrating ethnographic research and anthropological perspectives within social debates and processes. Based on ethnographic research and engaging projects, Public Anthropology can have a transformative effect on social relations for the discipline to have a more pronounced public role in Germany.

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